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Immigration detention: what's love got to do with it?

Feeling a little jaded with traditional theatrical formats? Try 'Removal Men'.
from Daniel Nelson on Nov 18, 2016.

More nightmares than dreams for Iran’s ‘delinquent’ girls

Cinema can be great in showing us people and places we have never imagined, let alone seen. Like 'Starless Dreams'.
from Daniel Nelson on Nov 18, 2016.

The tumultuous moment in which idealism runs into reality

Tumultuous: that’s how a young London activist describes the moment he “learns that the kind of characteristics that are inherent in dirty politicians” can happen within progressive political movements too.
from Daniel Nelson on Nov 10, 2016.

Drone Age dilemmas

Playwrights like drones and drone pilots: they operate in a tightly confined space, raise moral problems about war, spark introspection and argument, involve life and death decisions, and wreak death and destruction.
from Daniel Nelson on Nov 9, 2016.

Mother love and oil greed

Mix mother-daughter tensions with international control over petroleum resources and you get 'Oil', at the Almeida Theatre.
from Daniel Nelson on Nov 5, 2016.

Echoes of Syria in a play about Sri Lanka

Judged by its own ambition, 'The Island Nation' is not an outstanding play, but it’s important. More: it’s a triumph.
from Daniel Nelson on Nov 2, 2016.

Exposing Australia's foreign detention camps

'Chasing Asylum' tells the appalling story of what it rightly calls “Australia's cruel, inhumane treatment of asylum seekers and refugees”.
from Daniel Nelson on Oct 31, 2016.

Spirit of evil? Herzog casts a curious eye on the Internet

“The Internet is the spirit of evil. It’s the anti-Christ,” says a mother shocked to the core by trolls who obtained gruesome police photos of her dead daughter, mutilated in a car crash in 2006, and sent them to the family with sneering comments.
from Daniel Nelson on Oct 27, 2016.

Hope not happiness in a Somali life-journey

'A Man Of Good Hope' is a musical, but not a musical as you know it.
from Daniel Nelson on Oct 24, 2016.

How women helped pay the price of South Korean development

Some 40 years ago, development gurus like to say, South Korea and Ghana had the same income per capita. Now South Korea has shifted to “developed, high-income” status in a single generation.
from Daniel Nelson on Oct 21, 2016.