OneWorld innovates, designs and delivers social impact using communication technologies. 

Human Centred Design

We start with communities themselves to design solutions tailored to their needs

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Data for Development

We harness the power of data to inform decision-making, allowing for real time adjustments


Agile Project Management

We work with partners to implement projects adaptively

Over 1.2 million sexual and reproductive health questions from young people answered in 6 countries by trained professionals

9 local and presidential elections monitored working with over 20,000 local observers using SMS reports to visualize real-time data

We saw civil society activists monitor more than 11,000 polling stations, texting vote counts and reports of irregularities to an independent centre in Dakar. We saw perhaps the most sophisticated monitoring program ever deployed in Africa or anywhere else. We saw democracy reaffirmed. We saw Senegal’s traditions preserved. And in the end, we saw a peaceful transfer of power.
— Hillary Clinton