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Our Work: Development Data

OneWorld builds innovative tools to enable and enhance the collection of meaningful development data for advocacy and impact. These are supported by the creation of data visualisation and dashboard tools to facilitate monitoring and evaluation.

Example: collection of data in areas with no internet connection: prototype App-to-Text solution

•    OneWorld has developed a prototype App-to-Text solution, which combines the accuracy and reliability of digital data collection with the speed and accessibility of basic SMS.

•    This solution is deployed in areas with no internet connection, where data can’t be uploaded immediately, limiting the speed of analysis and action.

Example: collection of development data sets: the Conecta platform

•    OneWorld’s Conecta platform enables users to ask questions anonymously, via SMS, email or Facebook, and receive a personal response. Conecta is deployed across Africa, linking young people to counsellors for guidance on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, and in Southeast Asia to raise awareness of Governance  and Democracy issues.

•    The platform has actioned over a million messages in Nigeria, Senegal, Mali, Morocco, Egypt, Cambodia and Myanmar. Aggregate data sets illustrate the fundamental concerns and interests of young people in each country. Anonymity is ensured by erasing phone numbers and any other data that could be linked to individuals.

•    OneWorld has partnered with local organisations and international agencies, including Population Council and UNICEF to analyse these messages, contributing to improved knowledge about the SRHR information that young people want, and their common misperceptions and myths as well as concerns and worries.

•   nigeria data In Nigeria, researchers were able to analyse more than 300,000 text messages out of over 700.000 received by the MyQuestion service between 2007-2013. They found that users were predominantly male and that the most common type of question was a request for information, with the most common topic related to sex and pregnancy, whereas in Senegal, 73% of users were female, with questions more commonly asked on the menstrual cycle.

•    This data can be used to improve the provision of SRHR services for young people more generally.

Myths and Misinformation: an analysis of text messages sent to a sexual and reproductive health Q&A service in Nigeria - the report from OneWorld, Education as a Vaccine, and Population Council




Development Data: OneWorld in Action

OneWorld is engaged with a consortium of partners in a programme which furthers the USAID Goal of Ending Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths (EPCMD) by 2035. "Incorporating Accelerator Behaviors in the Health Portfolios of EPCMD Countries" is led by The Manoff Group in Washington. OneWorld's role is to develop innovative and real-time tracking and monitoring and evaluation behavior change tools for use across USAID Missions.