Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is to meet a group from the organisers of the community-based adaptation conference that closes in Dhaka today to hear what has been learned from the meeting.

Conference co-organiser Atiq Rahman, executive director of the Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies, told OneWorld: "The Prime minister will be briefed by us on Thursday night about what has been happening at the conference and how these messages can be activated in real policy actions and grassroots acton."

Earlier today a round-up of conference information, experiences and perspectives will be presented at a session attended by Dr Rajdendra Pachauri, who has chaired the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) since 2002.

Experiences and information from the conference will be written up in a book, to be published by Earthscan this year or early 2012 - in time for it to be captured, says co-organiser Saleemul Huq of the International Institute for Environment and Development, by the next IPCC report.

The first of the final two sessions of the conference this morning will look at a short edited version of the field trips, and hear presentations on mobilising and promoting communities' contribution to adaptation to scale-up pilot community-adaptation projects and on community-based natural resource management as a vehicle for community adaptation to climate change.

The second session will hear a summary of the conference, a keynote presentation on scaling-up adaptation from local to global and an address on the way forward. Other presentations will be by Youba Sokona, coordinator of the African Climate Policy Centre at the UN Economic Commission for Africa; Mesbah Ul Alam, Secretary of the Bangladesh Ministry of Environment and Forests; and Dr Pachauri.

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