With only a day-and-a-half to go, Wednesday begins at 9am Dhaka time with a plenary - which we will be webcasting - on "Bridging local, sub-national and national levels in adaptatipon - the articulation of institutions across scales".

Speakers will be Arun Agarwal of the University of Michigan;  Nanki Kaur, Simon Anderson and Jess Ayyers of IIED; Antonio Oviedo of WWF Brazil; and Margaret Barihaihi of ACCRA, Uganda.

The subsequent webcast will begin at 1.30pm Dhaka time with a session on Community-based adaptation, disaster risk reduction and agriculture.

Next up, at 3.30-5pm Dhaka time, comes Funding and funding architecture to support up-scaaling. This session will be competing with the India v Pakistan World Cup cricket semi-final, but since it's about funding it will be able to compete and will get a big audience.

During the day, several video interviews will go live on the site.

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