Outside, in Dhaka, bicycle rickshaw drivers have been demonstrating – including stoning cars and autorickshaws – because the government has barred them from several roads in the city.


Later today Bangladesh's Supreme Court is set to resume hearing the appeal by Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus against his dismissal from Grameen Bank.


And excitement is mounting for the World Cup cricket semi-finals – especially the clash between India and Pakistan. Many of the South Asian participants at this annual conference on Community Based Adaptation will be slipping away from their sessions in the Sheraton Hotel to watch the matches on TV.


It’s the day after the official conference opening by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, but for some participants it’s day six, because they went on field trips before the beginning of the formal discussion sessions.


They are confronted by a dilemma common to many conferences like this – which of the concurrent sessions to attend. The choice this morning is between agriculture and water, which OneWorld is streaming live, and how institutions can scale up their adaptation experiences.

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