Dhaka streets (Bangladesh)

Dhaka streets (Bangladesh)

Image by Ahron de Leeuw

QUOTES from Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s speech at the opening of the international conference on climate change adaptation in Dhaka on Monday.

* “Climate change is the greatest challenge facing mankind.”

* “Unless the present trend of degradation of climate and environment is reversed, our next generations will have to face dire consequences for which we, as their ancestors, will never be forgiven.”

* “Communities [in Bangladesh] … are struggling hard and are facing the double burden of poverty and impacts of climate change. This is not only difficult for them, this is also unfair and unjust. Why should some rich people’s lifestyles threaten lives and livelihoods of poor communities?”

* “The rich and developed countries through their development pathway and lifestyle, driven by fossil fuel, are primarily responsible for the [climate] problem. Many developing countries are now following the same development paradigm, which is aggravating the problem even further.”

* “Our international development partners have agreed to contribute towards a Climate Resilience Fund of over US$100 million so far. We are grateful for this support, but emphasise that the scale of resources needed is in billions of dollars.”

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