Benin - Learning About Living

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In Benin we have three strands of work - driven by young people and developed in close collaboration with UNFPA Benin.

  • First, working with Etrilabs and Butterflyworks we have created an eLearning platform with the Ministry of Education, providing videos and activities to teachers to be used in the classroom around sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) themes. This is currently being piloted in schools around Benin.

  • Second - again with Etrilabs and Butterflyworks - we have created an mLearning application, targeting out of school youth, which provides videos, games, and quizzes around SRHR themes. Additionally, young people can ask questions confidentially to trained counselors through the app or via SMS.

  • Third, we have created a simple, mobile-friendly website targeting GBV service providers. The site gathers all of the resources relevant to tackling GBV from relevant laws in Benin to toolkits and resources available in the country, making them available in local languages and audio formats. The site also includes sensitization messages that can be easily shared via Whatsapp or social media and a message board to share comments and thoughts.

Mali - NIYÔRÔGNINI (Land Rights)

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Our project in Mali’s seeks to empower vulnerable groups by connecting them to information about their legal rights to land. Specifically we are working with women, adolescents and people living with accessibility issues to inform them on their rights to land ownership, related to a new law that was introduced in 2016, and give them the tools to make those rights a reality. Working with Association SORO and supported by Oxfam’s Voice Program, we created an interactive voice response (IVR) and SMS system that provided users with information their rights and locally available resources that could help them become successful agricultural entrepreneurs.

Mali - Artisans

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Working with C2D, Orange and the National Federation of Artisans of Mali (FNAM), OneWorld is in the process of creating an interactive voice response (IVR) and SMS system that will help local artisans connect to the FNAM. The IVR system allows artisans to listen to information on their rights and the services the FNAM provides. If they require more specific information they can request their phone number be forwarded to a local FNAM representative who will call them back to respond to their query. Additionally, OneWorld is developing a simple offline application that will allow local FNAM offices to register artisans and send their information over SMS to the head office. This collaboration is part of a Global Affairs Canada funded project called Technologies pour le secteur de l'artisanat au Mali (TSAM)

Mali - Governance


Working with PGLR and local youth organisations, this project provides citizens the opportunity to monitor and report on the political situation around them. Using an app or via SMS, citizen observers can send in reports to focal points who verify and publish the information to the wider network. Through this technology, citizens are able to engage directly with their local governments, strengthening accountability and transparency.

Senegal - Learning About Living (Apprendre a Vivre)

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Working with partners from the Civil society and government, OneWorld and Butterfly Works Netherlands extended the successful Learning about Living project to Senegal. An eLearning curriculum, entitled ClickInfoAdo, designed to be taught in and out of schools was developed with the Ministry of Education leading other local NGO's in Senegal, to help support the teaching of reproductive health and life skills to young people. Additionally we had a SMS question and answer system, allowing adolescents to ask questions directly and confidentially to trained health professionals.

Global - USAID Accelerate

We are working with USAID missions around the world, we are helping missions to use a behavioral lens when evaluating new projects, focusing priorities on projects that promote “accelerator behavior” change that have been proven to have the largest impact on development outcomes. OneWorld’s role is primarily to provide machine learning assistance and integrating agile project management into the model.

Global - Swedish Features


We are working to create more equitable representation of the Global South, helping journalists from Africa, Asia and Latin America publish stories in the Swedish media. We help journalists pitch, edit, translate and submit features to editors in Sweden. Additionally we provide support and training, helping our journalists keep up with new trends in journalism.  

Cambodia - Rainbow Voices


OneWorld is currently working on a project addressing the rights of intersectional LGBTQI communities in Cambodia. We are creating a Facebook group that brings together various communities in a central location to create a common identity and allow for the sharing of stories and lessons. The group hosts highly visual resources around 8 common difficult situations LGBTQI people face, providing information on their rights, online and offline resources, and stories of others who have successfully navigated these situations. The group additionally offers an option to chat with a trained counsellor, or a chatbot while counsellors are offline, information on upcoming events, and opportunities to engage with the community.

You can read more about the project in this pdf