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Love and hate in Kenya

Kenya’s film classification board initially banned 'Rafiki' “due to its homosexual theme and clear intent to promote lesbianism in Kenya contrary to the law and dominant values of the Kenyans”.
from Daniel Nelson on Oct 14, 2018.

Banned filmmaker Panahi investigates an Iranian Hillbilly mystery

In 2010 Jafar Panahi was jailed for six years and a 20-year ban on film directing or screenplay writing. But he could make a film in a taxi turning circle, and now he's made another.
from Daniel Nelson on Oct 13, 2018.

Falklands/Malvinas vets jaw-jaw about war-war

Get together three Malvinas veterans and three Falklands vets, light the blue touch paper and stand clear.
from Danierl Nelson on Oct 13, 2018.

'He's 80 but he's very lively.' Matchmaking in Iran

"He's 80 but he's very lively", one of the workers in Mrs Sadri's dating and marriage agency tells a female client.
from Daniel Nelson on Oct 12, 2018.

Servitude and Joy: the world of Nigerian prostitutes in Austria

'Joy' is a slice of Nigerian life – in Austria.The title is the main character’s name, not the experience of the women who are trapped working for a money-obsessed “madame”.
from Daniel Nelson on Oct 11, 2018.

Adnan, Absi, Lena and an AK-47 in a civil war romcom

'aKasha' is surely a "first" - a romcom set during the Sudan civil war.
from Daniel Nelson on Oct 9, 2018.

How a Libyan women's soccer team replaced boundaries with touchlines

You'll be cheering for the Libyan women footballers in 'Freedom Fields' – unless you are a bewildered fundamentalist preacher asking "Where are God's boundaries?"
from Daniel Nelson on Oct 4, 2018.

Every Afghan woman has 100 owners - father, brothers, uncles, neighbours

Every woman in Afghanistan has 100 owners, says Sahra Mani, director of 'A Thousand Girls Like Me'.
from Daniel Nelson on Sep 30, 2018.

A bleak view of Tehran's underbelly

'Tehran Taboo' is as bleak a view of life in the Iranian capital as you are likely to see.
from Daniel Nelson on Sep 21, 2018.

India, Kenya, Britain - the grandparents' adventure

Vinay Patel calls his play about his grandparents’ life 'An Adventure', and it’s an adventure for the audience, too, as the story moves from 1950s India, to Kenya and then Britain.
from Daniel Nelson on Sep 15, 2018.