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Double trouble in Syria and Nazi Germany

An anti-Assad graffiti artist who flees for her life, a social conscience photographer who swaps floods for floodlights, two Jewish sportswomen fighting for a place in Hitler’s 1936 Olympics: the Arcola scores again.
from Daniel Nelson on Dec 11, 2018.

Mourning and merriment in a slice of Jamaican-British life

'Nine Night' is hyphenated, double-barrelled fun because it’s about a Jamaican-British family. So that’s two cultures to treasure and mock.
from Daniel Nelson on Dec 9, 2018.

No, Mr President, these jet engines shall not pass

'Nae Pasara'n is a tearjerker – if your tears are jerked by four elderly Scots trade unionists who stopped a production line in 1974.
from Daniel Nelson on Dec 6, 2018.

'She gives birth, she is pregnant, she bleeds.' Judge for yourself

Palestine's Chief Justice laughed when lawyer Kholoud Al-Faqih told him she wanted to become a judge in the Shari'a court – the first woman in 1400 years.
from Daniel Nelson on Nov 29, 2018.

From one killing field to another

"Over 100,000 elephants and rhinos were killed in the course of making this film," proclaims 'The Last Animals' as the credits roll.
from Daniel Nelson on Nov 25, 2018.

Shakespeare's fellow travellers: 'Why, this man IS Othello'

Shakespeare is dead. But his theatre still stands. And two African actors talk their way onto the Globe stage and award-winning performances.
from Daniel Nelson on Nov 10, 2018.

Moment in the spotlight for China's Forgotten World War One workers

Do you know about the 140,000 Chinese who worked for the British, French and US armies in World War 1? Or the 200,000 who worked for the Russians?
from Daniel Nelson on Nov 5, 2018.

Remember the Chinese Labour Corps

A London Assembly member has added his voice to the campaign for a memorial to the 140,000-strong Chinese Labour Corps recruited by UK and France in World War One.
from Daniel Nelson on Nov 1, 2018.

Love and hate in Kenya

Kenya’s film classification board initially banned 'Rafiki' “due to its homosexual theme and clear intent to promote lesbianism in Kenya contrary to the law and dominant values of the Kenyans”.
from Daniel Nelson on Oct 14, 2018.

Banned filmmaker Panahi investigates an Iranian Hillbilly mystery

In 2010 Jafar Panahi was jailed for six years and a 20-year ban on film directing or screenplay writing. But he could make a film in a taxi turning circle, and now he's made another.
from Daniel Nelson on Oct 13, 2018.