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The would-be president who aspires to Greatness

Where else can you see play about a socialist who wants to become president of Africa’s most populous country?
from Daniel Nelson on Feb 25, 2017.

Weapon turned into a witness to highlight the plight of migrants

What’s in a name? A lot, when it’s Richard Mosse’s military hi-tech film of refugees.
from Daniel Nelson on Feb 25, 2017.

The beautiful, disturbing view from the 88th floor

“The beach in all its white-sanded glory. A palm tree reflected in the windscreen of a moving car. A man swings a golf club. An Emirati couple having dinner, he talks – she laughs.”
from Daniel Nelson on Feb 19, 2017.

Plenty of laughs as a socialist heads for power in Nigeria

What if a socialist politician was heading for government in Nigeria?
from Daniel Nelson on Feb 11, 2017.

African colonialism without white people

Yippee - a play about colonialism in Africa with no white people.
from Daniel Nelson on Jan 24, 2017.

A children’s-eye-view of terrorism

Is there nothing theatre cannot attempt? No, as 'Us/Them' proves.
from Daniel Nelson on Jan 23, 2017.

When they won't look at the camera, focus on the ground

What do you do as a photographer when you realise that you are in a place where taking pictures is exploiting people rather than helping them?
from Daniel Nelson on Jan 15, 2017.

Burkinis and bullets at the V&A

One of the smallest and most interesting permanent exhibitions at any London museum has been updated.
from Daniel Nelson on Jan 8, 2017.

Wildlife photography judges bark up the right tree

For once, I agree with the judges about the winner of a photographic competition and exhibition.
from Daniel Nelson on Dec 21, 2016.

Immigration detention: what's love got to do with it?

Feeling a little jaded with traditional theatrical formats? Try 'Removal Men'.
from Daniel Nelson on Nov 18, 2016.