Benin - Learning About Living

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In Benin we have three strands of work - driven by young people and developed in close collaboration with UNFPA Benin.

  • First, working with Etrilabs and Butterflyworks we have created an eLearning platform with the Ministry of Education, providing videos and activities to teachers to be used in the classroom around sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) themes. This is currently being piloted in schools around Benin.

  • Second - again with Etrilabs and Butterflyworks - we have created an mLearning application, targeting out of school youth, which provides videos, games, and quizzes around SRHR themes. Additionally, young people can ask questions confidentially to trained counselors through the app or via SMS.

  • Third, we have created a simple, mobile-friendly website targeting GBV service providers. The site gathers all of the resources relevant to tackling GBV from relevant laws in Benin to toolkits and resources available in the country, making them available in local languages and audio formats. The site also includes sensitization messages that can be easily shared via Whatsapp or social media and a message board to share comments and thoughts.