Global Call For Partnership:

Start a MasterPeace Club in your Country!

“I cherish each of the golden opportunities I got learning from this medium of MasterPeace as the most valuable of my life."

Santosh, MasterPeace Nepal


MasterPeace is opening the invitation to all social change makers, the movers & shakers, giving both the chance and challenge wherever they are to join the fastest growing peace movement and use their talents to build peace!

Now change makers can be ‘Nelsons’ (named after the most famous Nelson of them all Nelson Mandela) and make a difference in their own local community! If they are ready to be part of something special, to become active and gain exposure worldwide, then it’s time for you to start a MasterPeace club!

The invitation is to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), mainly focusing on SGD#17 ‘Global Partnership and Cooperation’. The world today is more interconnected than ever before! Let’s work together, connect your organization with MasterPeace for a wider impact!

Every year MasterPeace celebrates the International Day of Peace with events all over the world, reaching out to millions of people using music, art and sports to build bridges and strengthen connections. It is exciting as this call just comes on the heels of wrapping up our campaign for this year’s critically-acclaimed International Day of Peace celebration, Walls of Connection! One of the biggest art projects of its kind, the campaign transformed walls of separation in 30 cities into walls of connection by bringing both sides of the wall together.

Who are the Clubs?

MasterPeace Clubs are the on-the-ground arms of MasterPeace, empowering and mobilizing more Nelsons to become actively involved in peacebuilding and limiting conflicts on a local level.

What's in it for you?

MasterPeace Boot Camp

MasterPeacers have the opportunity to travel, meet and get inspired by the MasterPeace community through local, regional, and global boot camps.

Consultancy and Coordination

As part of the MasterPeace community, clubs will receive the support of the MasterPeace Core team in the Central Office with professional consultancy and project management.

Capacity Building and Skills Development

MasterPeace is a leadership hub for principled future leaders and provides exceptional learning opportunities to club members in everything they do: decision-making process, team dynamics, projects, management, dialogue and reconciliation activities, marketing, (social) media, and working with club leaders to learn, explore, and increase their capacity.

Partnership and Joint fund opportunities

As part of the MasterPeace community, Clubs will benefit from joint grants and funding opportunities with the core team, fellow MasterPeacers, business partners, and the larger MasterPeace network. MasterPeace may apply for some grants centrally according to the available opportunities and the country or regional scope  of the grant.


If you got what it takes, you can join the fastest growing peace movement ever!