IDF Aid to Mexico 2017

IDF Aid to Mexico 2017

Image by Israel Defense Forces

The new policy will depend on the privvate sector, she told the annual conference of the UK development network BOND in London.

"It will make UK aid work harder, delivering for the world's poor, but also for the UK's security and prosperity, upon which UK aid depends," she added.  

She said the policy "will require me to stop funding organisations that do not deliver our objectives, contribute to the goals, or live up to our standards."

She gave the pronouncement a clear nationalist tinge: "I believe in British compassion and charity. From the Magna Carta to universal suffrage, from William Wilberforce to Leonard Cheshire, we can, and we have made the world a better place."

As "someone who is still serving in our Armed Forces" and who "believes passionately that we're a 2% NATO nation", she said it made sense to spend a fraction of aid on " trying to head off having to use your Armed Forces.  We benefit from a peaceful and more secure world.  Without aid, without helping other nations to achieve their full potential, we won't have a peaceful and stable world.  So, I'm committed to aid and committed to 0.7 per cent." 

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