Global Justice Now
3 October 2017
Reaction to aid minister Priti Patel's  speech to  Britain's Conservative Party conference


Reacting to the new ‘Code of Conduct’ for private suppliers announced in the speech, Aisha Dodwell, campaigner at Global Justice Now, said:
“The government has been forced to respond to the campaign against for-profit private consultants, but it remains to be seen whether this new code of conduct brings about any meaningful change. After all, there is little point weeding out the middle-men while continuing to promote a strategy of economic reform that hurts the world’s poorest.

If the same private consultants are still paid vast amounts of aid money to push the same flawed 'free market' solutions to global poverty, nothing will really have changed, even if they follow all the right procedures.”
Reacting to the rest of the speech, Dodwell said:
“Priti Patel’s vision for aid spending appears to be about ensuring the world is run by private corporations. Her vision fails to mention the role of developing country governments in ensuring that their citizens receive basic services like health and education. She needs to realise that free markets are not a magic formula for ending poverty.
Particularly worrying is Patel’s commitment to using aid as a tool for opening up developing country markets for British businesses. Without radically reforming the way aid is spent, private companies will continue to profit from our aid spending at the expense of the world’s poorest people."


Global Justice Now’s report ‘Reimagining UK Aid: What a Progressive Aid Strategy Could Look Like’ was released in July 2017:

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