Connect and collaborate directly with AFAWI staff to work with rural communities to bring education to vulnerable children, who otherwise would not have the opportunity.  This is an opportunity to work directly with communities that needs it most. 

Education is free at government schools in Ghana.  Technically, but in reality there are many hidden costs parents must pay for their children to go to school.  These hidden fees (locally known as “Levies”) are for Parent Teachers Association, electricity, security guard, examination ect.  On top of this school fee, parents are responsible for providing school uniforms, school supplies and providing lunch.  These costs are far beyond what many parents can afford, leaving children without an education and forced to work at a very young age.  ECCACHILD project strives to provide education and support to children and parents who need it most.  We believe strongly education brings opportunity and prosperity to create brighter futures.

Volunteer/intern Duties:

Volunteer/interns will conduct needs assessment of all children, analysed collected data and develop a need assessment reports, assisit in purchasing of school supplies, enrolling Children into school, social media work and reporting to heelth and education directorates.

Cost: Please note that this position is unpaid. We ask volunteers to contribute EURO 350 per month towards living expenses while they work with AFAWI.