In the spring of 2015 the

Help Save the People of Aleppo

Help Save the People of Aleppo

Image by Exile on Ontario St

 family embarked on the perilous journey from Syria to Europe. They risked their lives in rubber boats and got caught up in riots at border crossings, they slept rough, ran out of money and regularly asked themselves 'Is it worth it?'

In a BBC radio programme on Saturday evening the family answer that question. Award-winning journalist Manveen Rana, who accompanied the Dhnies over the many months during which they made their way to Europe, visits them in Germany to re-live key moments of their journey, and to find out what's happened to them since. She plays back to them the recordings she made with them - an emotional and compelling soundtrack that became a powerful and multi award-winning documentary. As events are replayed, Manveen gathers the family's response to them, two years on.

In this intimate and personal programme, Rana reveals who has prospered and why the family seems to be on the verge of disintegration as different family members respond in diferent ways to their new life, with dad bitterly regretting the decision to move to Europe.

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