Participants will then be able to further develop the Spanish language skills they are learning by volunteering at SKIP for around 25 hours per week, this will include time for lesson planning. Those who have not taught before should not worry, our English teaching programme uses a fully structured curriculum and is supervised by a qualified and experienced EFL teacher who will provide relevant training to help you develop teaching techniques. You will also co-teach lessons and so will not be alone in the classroom. Click here to read more about the English teaching programme.

Depending on your interests and vacancies, you can also volunteer teaching sports or arts and help in the library.

Free Time:

We do work hard at SKIP and applicants should be ready to apply themselves fully to their volunteer positions as do the other 25+ international volunteers. That said, there is time at evenings and weekends to relax, experience a bit of Latin America and visit local attractions such as Chan Chan, La Huaca de la Luna (The Temple of the Moon) and the beach at Huanchaco, which is renowned for having excellent waves to learn to surf and even hosts the annual longboard world championship.


The programme runs for 4-8 weeks, depending on volunteer availability, this begins with an initial training week where volunteers learn Spanish and prepare for their volunteer teaching roles.The programme however is not limited to 8 weeks, volunteers are more than welcome to stay and volunteer for longer.

Programme Detail:

  • Spanish course: 5 hours of Spanish learning classes per week (usually private tutorial lessons)

  • 25 hours (approx) volunteering in SKIP (including lesson planning time)

  • Accommodation in the main volunteer house, or with a host family as preferred.

  • Weekly intercambio Spanish and English language learning sessions with other volunteers

  • Allocated mentor to help you settle in

  • Full volunteer induction, including English teaching instruction and any other relevant training appropriate to your volunteering role

Costs are 400 soles ($145) per month on top of the usual SKIP contribution – see here for further details

If you are ready to apply, click here to download an application

Feel free to email any questions to contact@skipperu.org